Understand brand loyalty

Pansensic’s Brand solution uses an advanced Hybrid-AI engine to dive deep into consumer emotions and uncover the underlying reasons behind brand choices and preferences. Whether you’re trying to understand why consumers choose your brand over others, what drives brand loyalty, or what causes brand switching, Pansensic has you covered.

With the ability to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, our solution can provide you with real-time insights into the emotional drivers behind consumer behaviour. Resulting in better informed decision-making and allowing you to respond quickly to changing market conditions and capitalise on new opportunities as they arise. Our powerful Hybrid-AI engine can identify patterns and trends that traditional methods may miss, giving you a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Whether you’re a marketing manager, a brand strategist, or a business leader, Pansensic is the perfect partner to help you understand your customers and drive growth.

Gain brand awareness

Understand what drives brand love

Decrease brand switching

Advanced technology powered by humans

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage advanced learning algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data with ease

Human Intelligence

We add Human Intelligence enabling our machine to understand the complexity of human experiences

Emotional Intelligence

Our Hybrid-AI identifies and understands emotions, meaning, and relevance providing you with unmatched insights

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Partner with Pansensic

By partnering with Pansensic, adopting our cutting-edge emotion analytics and structured data analysis output will answer the WHY behind your client’s biggest questions. Pansensic offers a flexible data delivery method to ensure a smooth integration into any model or environment.

Our speciality is making sense of unsolicited data and have the ability to capture millions of consumer reviews from the web, tagged via our API and structured in a way that makes insight discovery instinctive.

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Get in touch and let us collect relevant brand feedback or provide us with your solicited data


Pansensic will tag your data with emotion analytics and relevant brand attributes


Use our intuitive analytics package to understand what drives brand loyalty and switching