How well can you hear your people?

Your greatest resource is your people and they have never been so vocal. But can you hear them? For more than 4 years we have helped worldwide brands, big and small, become better listeners and employers through targeted analysis of all available employee and ex-employee generated text data.

Our Employee Experience solution has been built by decoding the specific environmental variables that create the emotions that drive employee behaviours. Increase the fulfilment, productivity, and loyalty of your people by knowing what causes their frustration and delight, and then understanding what to do about it.

Increase productivity

Hire and retain staff more easily

Improve product & service quality

Reduce frustration, increase delight

We have used our experience of employee environments across all industries and sectors to develop a specific Hybrid Text Analytics (HTA) module aligned with the journey of the employee from Attraction/Employment through Onboarding/Development/Retention to Exit/Brand reputation.

Hidden in their feedback, stories, and surveys, our Employee Experience solution helps you understand the emotions and behaviours of your employees. Use it to deliver actionable insights and make justified and effective changes, reduce churn rate, support diversity and inclusion, prioritise actions and resources, and connect your board to your workforce.

Identify and prioritise organisational improvements

Reveal the internal and external perspective of you, the employer

Define and improve employee experience of your organisation’s culture

Evidence and overcome retention issues

Target cultural differences between merging organisations/departments

Know and plan how to improve your eNPS

Proven and early ROI

Proven to improve employee experience

A solution that you can rely on

Unique big data capabilities

Pansensic have over one-hundred different lenses that allow you to highlight problem areas quickly and easily and to then make necessary changes. This approach saves you investing your valuable time sifting through your data, trying to predict where improvements need to be made.

Proprietary HTA technology

Unlike other providers, who rely exclusively on machine learning and artificial intelligence, our methodology differs completely. We use vast curated databases of real and used words and phrases that uncover the contextual use of your data. We do this by drilling down into the word clouds and the verbatim to identify relevant, more accurate, much deeper, more actionable and reliable insights.

Deep, actionable insights

A metric showing information such as ‘75% of employees like the culture of an organisation’ does not tell you why the remaining 25% of employees do not like it. This information is not actionable. Instead, Pansensic analyse comments via qualitative data analysis, that will tell you exactly why the remaining 25% do not like the culture and, in turn, provide you with actionable insights.

Want to create a better workplace?

Even greater insight is achieved by the organisations who cross-reference their employee feedback data with their customer feedback data.

Kickstart a new project

Kickstart is an easy, low-cost opportunity to pilot Pansensic in your organisation on a small scale project with specific goals. There are three simple steps to begin.


Fill in a simple Project Initiation Document


Send us your data in a pre-defined format


We provide access to analysis via an app