Our Approach

Introducing Hybrid-AI

Pansensic’s Hybrid-AI engine combines the strengths of both Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence to provide advanced and in-depth text analytics.

By leveraging the power of AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, our engine is able to automatically process and analyse large volumes of text data. However, it also incorporates human intelligence by leveraging the expertise and knowledge of human experiences to provide a more nuanced and accurate analysis of the text.

The merging of AI and Human intelligence in Pansensic’s Hybrid-AI engine ensures the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of text data available today. Our Hybrid-AI engine identifies not only the technical aspects of the data, but also the contextual, emotional, and semantic nuances that historically could only be understood by a human.

This results in a higher level of accuracy and a more in-depth understanding of human experiences than any other text analytics solution.

Why Hybrid?

Having a human-in-the-loop is vital when trying to understand emotions within text data. Emotions are complex, and they can often be difficult to accurately detect and interpret using purely automated NLP methods. While AI algorithms and machine learning techniques can process large volumes of text data quickly, they struggle to accurately capture the subtle nuances and contextual factors that are critical to deconstruct the emotions being expressed in human-generated text.

By incorporating Human Intelligence into the process, Pansensic’s Hybrid-AI engine taps into the perspective and understanding of humans by providing a subjectively targeted analysis of text data. This overcomes the limitations of purely machine automated systems and provides comprehensive understanding of the emotions being expressed.


Unsolicited Data

Data collected from online sources such as social media, e-commerce, forums, chatbots, and call centre transcripts

Solicited Data

Data collected from surveys, vox pops, focus groups, or any text data generated from research studies


Pansensic App

Full access to real-time and interactive analysis via the Pansensic app

API Integration

Data fed directly in to your existing decision intelligence systems via Pansensic’s API

Analysis Reports

Deep, insightful analysis reports delivered by Pansensic’s expert consultancy

What does it do?

Pansensic’s Hybrid-AI engine transforms human dialogue into high-value insights with fast, accurate results. Our engine scans text data identifying emotions, themes, and behavioural indicators within it, delivering a previously unattainable level of understanding.

How does it do it?

Pansensic combines the strengths of both Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. By leveraging the power of AI, our engine automatically analyses large volumes of text data. By incorporating Human Intelligence, our engine detects and understands the emotional, contextual and semantic nuances that can only be understood by a human.

This results in highly accurate, deep, and human understanding of text data at AI speed and scale.

How does it help you?

Pansensic helps you by providing deep, evidence-based insights that inform and power your improvement & innovation initiatives. We enable a deep understanding of behaviour and decision-making with our cutting-edge emotion analytics, allowing you to drill down into what exactly influences your stakeholders.

By understanding stakeholder behaviour and decision-making, we provide you with a competitive edge and the evidence to support smarter decisions and drive organisational success.

Whether you’re innovating or improving, there is no faster, cheaper, or more accurate way to extract genuine value from your text data than Pansensic’s Hybrid-AI engine.

And used in many areas

Without Hybrid-AI you’re missing a trick. Utilisation of our Hybrid-AI engine is in constant evolution as new industries realise the potential benefits.

New Product Development

Emotion Analytics

API Integration

Employee Experience

Innovation Insights

Service Improvement

Partner with Pansensic

By partnering with Pansensic, adopting our cutting-edge emotion analytics and structured data analysis output will answer the WHY behind your client’s biggest questions. Pansensic offers a flexible data delivery method to ensure a smooth integration into any model or environment.

Our speciality is making sense of unsolicited data and have the ability to capture millions of consumer reviews from the web, tagged via our API and structured in a way that makes insight discovery instinctive.

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Get in touch and let us collect relevant customer feedback or provide us with your solicited data


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