Making sense of unstructured text at limitless scale

Meet the Hybrid-AI Text Analytics (HTA) platform. Using our industry-leading ontologies and keywords it unleashes the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver an advanced suite of tools that help you analyse and extract value from any human-generated unstructured text.

Automated, enterprise ready, GDPR compliant, user-friendly, and with compelling ROI, it is the most advanced and insightful text analytics technology available today.


A combination of artificial intelligence, natural language programming, machine learning and proprietary ontologies.


Text data derived from a range of sources, including carefully selected public data, private (client) data, and even voice capture.


The systematic analysis of data to extract information and build knowledge, leading to meaningful and actionable insights.

Big data in, bigger insights out


Public data

Real-time data from a wide range of carefully selected public feeds, including social media, forums, and reviews.

Internal data

Data collected from any type of non-public source, such as surveys, customer service interactions, and complaints.


Cloud apps

Full access to real-time and interactive analysis, via our range of cloud apps.

Raw data/API

Data fed directly in to your existing systems.


Integrating our in-house consultancy for a value-added solution that is tailored to your business.

Brand Activation Metric (BAM)

The BAM provides senior managers a single birds-eye view of company performance. Learn more…

What does it do?

Our Hybrid-AI Text Analytics (HTA) engine interrogates unstructured text data and delivers evidence-based metrics and actionable insights to your screen. It turns qualitative text data into quantitative tagged data by identifying emotions in the language. It then groups the text into structured and interconnected themes and analyses it with a proprietary set of improvement and innovation filters. In a matter of seconds, the HTA engine delivers the fully tagged dataset to you, either through our versatile user interface, suite of applications, or API.

How does it do it?

AI is very good with numbers but cannot understand human language. That’s why we manually created a set of rules that leverage AI components (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Machine Translation) to identify meaning and emotions in text data.

Then we coded our 360+ man-years of Improvement & Innovation expertise into user-deployable algorithms – 100+ filters that automatically pinpoint problem areas and opportunities for value-adding change so you don’t have to.

How does it help you?

With just a few clicks you understand what is being done well, what could be done better, and where and how improvements should be made. It provides granular level evidence of problems you may suspect exist. It reveals unknown blind-spots.

The detail, accuracy, and filtered cross-referencing of the data ensures you’ll be making your best decisions and most informed plans.

There is no faster, cheaper, or more accurate way to extract genuine value from your text data.

Delivered in three ways

Direct to end-user

We provide access to our platform directly depending on your requirements, ranging from a set of tagged data to unlimited access to real-time insights.

Via channel-partners

We provide access to our platform via a partner that integrates it in to a broader or more specialist offering depending on your requirements.

Enterprise license

We provide a license to run our platform autonomously within your enterprise hosted environment, to suit specialist or demanding requirements.

And used in many areas

Without our HTA, you’re missing a trick. And here is how utilisation of our HTA is in constant evolution as industries realise the potential benefits.


Bespoke analysis

NPS generation

Workforce profiling



Kickstart a new project

Kickstart is an easy, low-cost opportunity to pilot Pansensic in your organisation on a small scale project with specific goals. There are three simple steps to begin.


Fill in a simple Project Initiation Document


Send us your data in a pre-defined format


We provide access to analysis via an app