Health matters

Good health should be a priority for us all. Pansensic is driven by a genuine desire to make impactful improvements in this sector. For more than 4 years we have helped worldwide healthcare organisations become more intelligence-based through targeted analysis of all available patient generated text data.

By collating and studying frontline experiences of patients (and staff) our Patient Experience solution has been designed to empower our partners to deliver meaningful and informed change at all stages of the Patient’s Journey. We will help you make a real difference to the quality, cost, and delivery of your care whilst mitigating the risk of patient litigation and CQC downgrades.

Unlock huge amounts of dormant data

Understand stress points in patient care

Craft experience-based design initiatives

Understand your patient’s journey

We have used our experience of the healthcare environment and its unique challenges to develop a specific Hybrid Text Analytics (HTA) module aligned with the journey of the patient from Awareness/In-Patient to Treatment/Out-Patient and After-care.

Use our Patient Experience solution to extract real and quantifiable knowledge from the emotions and behaviours of your patients hidden in their feedback and stories. Deliver holistic insights to better inform your decision makers, join up plans, prioritise actions and resources, and connect your board to your wards.

Real-time monitoring of the patient journey

Focus improvement efforts

Reduce duplication across the organisation

Prioritise resources

Receive early warning signals of developing issues

Reduce the need for litigation

Proven and early ROI

Proven to improve patient experience

A solution that you can rely on

Unique big data capabilities

Healthcare organisations hold a vast amount of rich, qualitative, unstructured comment data, lying dormant in databases. Pansensic unlocks the intrinsic value of this conversation by applying unique big data capabilities that use AI technologies to identify specific areas for improvement.

Proprietary HTA technology

Every day we collect and analyse thousands of comments for hospitals and health organisations, individually analysing each patient experience. Unlike other AI options, Pansensic algorithms use 35,000 keyword and phrases to theme comments – giving you a deeper insight into the real patient experience of care.

Deep, actionable insights

With more meaningful metrics, an organisation can identify pain points along the patient journey. Most importantly, the unique Pansensic methodology can tell you why areas are failing, providing you with the missing ingredient needed to transform intelligence into effective experience-based design initiatives.

Got the whole picture?

Even greater insight is achieved by the organisations who use our full Healthcare solution to triangulate their patient feedback data with their practitioner feedback data.

Kickstart a new project

Kickstart is an easy, low-cost opportunity to pilot Pansensic in your organisation on a small scale project with specific goals. There are three simple steps to begin.


Fill in a simple Project Initiation Document


Send us your data in a pre-defined format


We provide access to analysis via an app