Understand your


Every brand that supplies a product or service needs to listen to their existing and potential consumers in order to stay relevant and competitive. Collecting star ratings from websites can be useful but it’s emotions that drive your consumers’ behaviour, not their opinion.

For over 4 years we have been extracting emotions such as frustration, anger, delight, and excitement from consumer generated text data and using them to explain and predict key behavioural trends for global brands, innovation agencies, and market research consultancies.

Increase sales, retention and margins

Analyse customer decision factors

Discover and validate new ideas

Know your audience intimately

We have leveraged the experience learnt consulting for a large and diverse set of consumer brands to develop a specific Hybrid Text Analytics (HTA) module aligned with the challenges of identifying, attracting, and retaining an engaged customer base.

Our Consumer Experience solution understands and harnesses the motivations driving millions of consumers and delivers critical advantage to your brand’s development. Everything you need to know to improve your service or innovate your next product exists within consumer generated text data about you and your competitors.

Analyse and segment consumer emotions at scale

Stay connected to your consumers

Identify genuine consumer wants and needs

Explore and de-risk the innovation process

Design, optimise, and evaluate campaigns, products, and launches

Assess and exploit your competitor’s consumer data

Proven and early ROI

Proven to improve customer experience

A solution that you can rely on

Unique big data capabilities

Pansensic have over one-hundred different lenses that allow you to highlight problem areas quickly and easily and to then make necessary changes. This approach saves you investing your valuable time sifting through your data, trying to predict where improvements need to be made.

Proprietary HTA technology

Unlike other providers, who solely rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence, our methodology differs completely. We drill down into the word clouds and verbatim, created by your customers, to identify relevant, accurate, deeper and more actionable insights.

Deep, actionable insights

Analysing customer feedback and product reviews has enabled us to successfully help many blue-chip organisations improve their customers’ journeys. They have been able to develop new products, or build upon existing ones, whilst furthering marketing communications.

Got the whole picture?

Even greater insight is achieved by organisations who triangulate their consumer feedback data with their employee feedback data.

Kickstart a new project

Kickstart is an easy, low-cost opportunity to pilot Pansensic in your organisation on a small scale project with specific goals. There are three simple steps to begin.


Fill in a simple Project Initiation Document


Send us your data in a pre-defined format


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