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Whether you’re trying to build a strong brand with loyal and satisfied customers, increase customer engagement, drive sales and revenue, or ignite the spark to product and service improvement and innovation, listening to your consumers and understanding their emotions is fundamental.

Emotion plays a critical role in driving behaviour, and with Pansensic, brands can tap into the these emotions to create deeper connections with their customers. By understanding your customers’ emotions, you can tailor products, services, and marketing efforts to elicit the desired emotional response and drive long-term success.

For several years, Pansensic has been at the forefront of helping global brands, market research, and innovation agencies understand their customers’ emotionally, driving successful improvement & innovation and increasing brand loyalty & retention by drilling deep into emotions such as love, delight, desire, frustration and anger.

Increase sales, retention and margins

Analyse customer decision factors

Discover and validate new ideas

Know your customers intimately

We have leveraged our extensive experience consulting for a large and diverse set of consumer brands to develop our Hybrid-AI engine that is specifically designed to help brands identify, attract, and retain an engaged customer base. By utilising advanced AI technology and our expertise in understanding consumer emotions, our Hybrid-AI engine can help you tap into the right emotions and create a deeper connection with your customers.

Our Consumer Experience solutions understands and harnesses the motivations driving millions of consumers and delivers critical advantage to your brand’s development. Everything you need to know to improve your service, innovate your next product or increase brand loyalty exists within consumer generated text data about you and your competitors.

Analyse and segment consumer emotions at scale

Stay connected to your consumers

Identify genuine consumer wants and needs

Explore and de-risk the innovation process

Design, optimise, and evaluate campaigns, products, and launches

Assess and exploit your competitor’s consumer data

Proven and early ROI

Proven to improve customer experience

Advanced technology powered by humans

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage advanced learning algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data with ease

Human Intelligence

We add Human Intelligence enabling our machine to understand the complexity of human experiences

Emotional Intelligence

Our Hybrid-AI identifies and understands emotions, context, meaning, and relevance providing you with unmatched insights

Got the whole picture?

Even greater insight is achieved by organisations who triangulate their consumer feedback data with their employee feedback data.

Partner with Pansensic

By partnering with Pansensic, adopting our cutting-edge emotion analytics and structured data analysis output will answer the WHY behind your client’s biggest questions. Pansensic offers a flexible data delivery method to ensure a smooth integration into any model or environment.

Our speciality is making sense of unsolicited data with the ability to capture millions of consumer reviews from the web, tagged via our API and structured in a way that makes insight discovery instinctive.

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