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with Pansensic

Our text analytics platform turns your consumer, employee, and society text feedback into data-driven insights for improvement and growth.

See deeper than Sentiment Analysis alone with Pansensic Emotion & Behaviour Analytics, to understand and positively influence each stage of your stakeholder behaviour chain:


We make sense for savvy organisations*

*Using Pansensic makes them ridiculously savvy

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Really understand with Pansensic

Receive unmatched Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analytics, and Behavioural Analysis of your text data. Use it to discover strategic opportunities, unmet needs, and early-warning signals across your organisation and industry.

Million data points
created every day


Actionable insights created every day


Customer experiences
improved every day

Save time and budget

Strengthen your brand

Read between the lines

Analyse 50+ languages

Full spectrum, trustworthy insights

Pansensic’s insights are relentlessly focused on improving and innovating across your organisation, its management, its culture, its systems, its products and its services.

Delivered in three ways

Direct to end-user

We provide access to our platform directly depending on your requirements, ranging from a set of tagged data to unlimited access to real-time insights.

Via channel-partners

We provide access to our platform via a partner that integrates it in to a broader or more specialist offering depending on your requirements.

Enterprise license

We provide a license to run our platform autonomously within your enterprise hosted environment, to suit specialist or demanding requirements.